Hi there! We are Brandon and Evelyn Bayer, a young couple living in Dayton, Ohio.

Evelyn has been eating gluten free since 2014 when she realized gluten was the cause of some of her pain. She’s since had severe reactions to tiny amounts of gluten and avoids it like the plague! Doctors haven’t given an offical diagnosis of Celiac disease because she can’t eat gluten for the test, but they believe she does have it.

Brandon is an entrepreneur, designer, developer, and independent consultant. He’s passionate about business and aviation and is also building Acorn Bookmark Manager. Follow him on Twitter @beedesignllc.

Evelyn is Brandon’s partner in adventure! She is a self-taught seamstress crazy about sewing and fashion design and is passionate about living holistically. Through her own health journey, she has done extensive research on products and brands and loves to share that information to make the allergen world easier for others to navigate. Follow her on Instagram @slowintention.

Brandon and Evelyn standing together

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